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Is it Worth it to Make a Product Video for an Online Store?

How do you increase your online sales? There are a lot of tactics that can be implemented to increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce solution. Good pictures and descriptions are simply not enough anymore: reviews, credible copy, landing page optimization – all those items are no longer guarantors of success in the world of online commerce – they are a prerequisite. Web videos are on a fast-track to joining them as defining elements of a well-built Internet store. Below is an example of a perfectly executed product review video combined with rating, price range, and a well-organized, thorough, credible review posted on c|net:

eCommerce Video Production Product Review Example

[ Very well executed eCommerce review video – screenshot from Google search. ]

Product Presentation and Rich Data Drive Traffic

The image above is a screenshot from a Google search result page for the search term “Nikon d3200” – a low to mid-range HDSLR camera. The listing takes full advantage of structured data that Google allows us to use – product and video markup with Google Plus authorship rich snippet (that is all the additional information including: the video thumbnail, date, stars, rating, name of reviewer, price range, and G+ info) – together with the right title and description, it makes sure the listing stands out (and rank on Google’s first page!), which in turn increases its clickthrough rate.

Reviews and Ratings Entice Customers to Buy

The review itself, posted on c|net product review section, is very well-written – it is a true product review with supporting data, technical specifications, editor’s rating, as well as average user rating, and a price range. Most importantly, the page doesn’t read as an advertisement – which indeed it is not. It’s an honest review that reads well due to very well-thought-out and organized format that, even though it is an independent review, does not forget about a call to action with “where to buy” links… affiliate/sponsored links to be exact.

Is it Worth it? Does Video Increase Sales?

Graph Showing Increased Sales Conversion After Adding a Product VideoSo, is it worth it to make a product video for an online store? Does video increase sales? Definitely, yes! Studies and empirical data both show that including a video in a product offering increases the conversion (purchase) rate of the listing. Don’t take our word for it – see for yourself! Search engines offer an easy way to find case studies that show sales and/or conversion rates increasing by anywhere from 25% to 200-300% or more after adding a video to the product/service offering web page on a business website or a stand-alone Internet store. We do need to remember that just any video will not do the trick – to even hope for increased sales, the right video needs to be produced and uploaded to the right product listing.

eCommerce Video – Produce the Right Video

Video production, just like with any other project, will have its success rate at least partially dependent on the planning phase, so don’t grab your video camera or rush off to talk to the nearest video production company just yet. Lets first look at what type of video is the right fit for your merchandise. Below, are 10 sample types of videos to choose from:

Types of eCommerce Videos

1) 360 video – 360° view of the product, this is one of the simplest types of product videos made to give the customer a full view of the product; often used to showcase cars or an inside of a real estate property.
2) Slideshow – A low-cost version of the previous type, a slideshow can be composed of from a few to tens or even hundreds of photographs – often accompanied by a narrator or background music.
3) Product in use video – a video showing actors using the product, very similar to a TV commercial in many ways.
4) Instruction manual video – explaining how the product works and how it should be operated is an easy way of showcasing the strengths and different features of your product.
5) After-sale video – follow-up videos keep clients engaged and are a tremendous tool for customer retention – especially important for businesses with high customer acquisition cost.
6) Product review video – similar to the video from example at the beginning of this article. This is an especially effective type of eCommerce video, because of the recent changes in human search behavior – people no longer expect to see commercials wherever the go on the Internet; they are now more inclined to look for information and will leave if served overly sales-y content.
7) Satisfied clients’ testimonials – similar to the previous type of video but centered on several individuals. This type of marketing web video is favored by attorneys and their law firms but can be used to promote almost any product or service.
8) Advertising video – advertising video or a marketing video is more of a classic form of product/service video, more in line with a commercial on TV – which of course doesn’t mean it will not be effective, especially not if it has been well planned/executed and paired with the right product or service.
9) Interactive video/animation – this can take a variety of forms but a more out-of-the-box utilization of this type of video, could be an artificial intelligence sales rep. A more daring implementation of this type of marketing tool was the bartender girl from a few years back. This would be  slightly more expensive, since, in almost all, it would require use of an additional technology, such as JQuery (a replacement for non-Apple supported Adobe Flash technology).
10) Day-in-life/stop-motion video – a more artistic version of the “product in use” type of video.

eCommerce Success – a Question of the Right Plan

Once again, before jumping on your video production project, we urge you to do some research and creative thinking. Do some testing – after all, that is the cornerstone of eCommerce conversion optimization – talk with your team, check with a consultant or a video production company.

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Ask your video production company for some creative input. Ask them if they have similar projects in their portfolio and if they tracked the success of that video in increasing online sales – an experienced video producer could be a great asset not only in producing the video but also in coming up with the general idea and creating the concept. If you’d like to explore some available options or would like to run some ideas by a professional in the field, please feel free to give us a call at 212-765-5224 or get in touch with us through our contact page!

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