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Hispanic Video Production – Telemundo Launches an LA-Based Multiplatform Production Studio: Fluency

From the News! Courtesy of Huffington Post (coincidentally, one of our favorite news websites): Indigo Productions just learned that Telemundo, perhaps the most well-known American TV station catering to the growing U.S. Latino community, has just opened a new video production studio named Fluency. Fluency is a multiplatform video production studio based in Los Angeles, which soon will begin releasing content in both English and Spanish catering to various Spanish-speaking segments.

This is great news for a couple of reasons. First of all, according to the 2010 U.S. Census, almost 37 million people in America, speak Spanish at home – a figure that doubled since 1990. This is a simple fact and community this large should be represented not only in the Government but in the media as well. The creation of Fluency is an important step on the way of the Hispanic community taking their rightful place in the American mainstream. Big props for that should go out to Telemundo, as well as a great actor and activist Edward James Olmos (@edwardjolmos) who has been actively advocating for the Latino community for years and has been an inspiration for people from all ethnicities and walks of life – thank you Mr. Olmos!

Moreover, both Hispanic video production and Los Angeles video production are very important markets for Indigo Productions and we welcome its growth! We have translated multiple versions of our English videos into Spanish and had the opportunity to work with Salma Hayek (another internationally known Hollywood star of Hispanic descent) on a public service announcement video that can be seen on our work page. We are awaiting many more opportunities for Spanish projects and will write about them on our video production blog as they come!

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