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Philip Morris International Global Services

I am truly delighted to present this letter of reference for Indigo Productions as a way of thanking you and your fantastic team for an outstanding work done on our “mission critical” project.

We have requested Indigo to help us transform the static and bureaucratic Talent Management and Succession Planning processes into fully engaging, interactive and highly creative events with our Regional Senior Executives and to document the “journey” as a template to be shared throughout PMI. The way Indigo has managed this formidable challenge, the speed of execution, amazing customer service and the quality of the finished product has simply stunned us all.

The first stage of the project called for shooting interviews with 50 of our executives in 8 different locations across Latin America and Canada, and editing 50 individual 3-minute videos, delivered on interactive DVDs, all within just two weeks. These videos became a focal point and a key highlight of our 3-day Senior Executive Team conference.

The second stage of the project was even more demanding – converting 70 hours of raw footage into an energetic, powerful and captivating 5-minute video, documenting a major effort to boost the effectiveness of “talent discussions” undertaken in our Region. The primary audience of this video was as high-level as it gets: the CEO, the COO, Regional Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents as well as all the HR Heads from across PMI. I am happy to report that “our mission has been accomplished”.

I am fully convinced that anybody looking to convert an abstract idea into a powerful story and to do so in almost no time, within a reasonable budget and working with creative, passionate and very friendly people doesn’t have to look beyond Indigo Productions. For me, they are the best.

(Name withheld to maintain client confidentiality)
Director Management & Organizational Development Latin America & Canada
Philip Morris International
Global Services

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