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America’s First Humane Society

I thought you’d be pleased to know that the “compilation tape” which you put together for our Annual Meeting last year has enjoyed a long and useful life.When almost a thousand potential adopters poured through our doors during our “Adopt-o-Rama” on Mother’s Day weekend, we had to provide games and expert clinics to keep them occupied while they waited to choose a pet. Needless to say, it helped that we could show those visitors a little bit of who we are and what we do by playing your video on several monitors in our lobby waiting room.And, we were able to get more mileage from that same video at our Annual Meeting at Walt Disney World June 5!Since the first video you did for us to document pre-construction conditions at a facility, you have shown yourself to be professional, cooperative, patient and caring. You bring a fresh eye and have a commendable ability to work quickly with unfamiliar subject matter, whether for a serious or creative project.

You’ll be the first I’ll call for my next video project.

(Name withheld to maintain client confidentiality)
Public Relations Department
America’s First Humane Society

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