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USA Today: Celebrity Viral Video Move Past Sex Tapes!

Maria Puente from USA Today has just published a really interesting article about celebrity viral videos. In her piece, she makes a very interesting observation. For years now, the first thing people thought when hearing the words celebrity viral video was ‘great, a new sex tape!”

Those sex tapes have grown in popularity so much that there even is a Wikipedia entry about them! According to Wikipedia:

“A celebrity sex tape is typically an amateur pornographic video recording involving one or more celebrity famous person(s) which has, intentionally or unintentionally, been made available publicly. Such video tapes are often released without the consent of their subjects, and could potentially damage celebrities’ careers (Wikipedia).”

Of course, sex tapes have been known not only not to damage one’s popularity but to improve it – even create a celebrity! Think of somebody from a hotel chain-owning family (hint, hint).

As the author of the article points out, this preconception is slowly fading away being replaced by other viral videos.  Instead, the new wave of celebrity viral videos tend to show celebrities in everyday situations. They show celebrities when they have non-celebrity moments, that is behave like any other person. They show celebrities in moments when they look “good, heroic, funny, down-to-earth, normal.”

This observation is spot-on, although we think that such celebrity videos existed for quite a while. Actually, they existed even before the phrase “celebrity sex tape” existed. Think of Michael Jackson’s antics, Lindsay Lohan’s DUI’s or various mishaps that happened to politicians during press conferences. Problems in celebrity relationships, drug and alcohol abuse – all those things were swallowed up by the gossip-hungry public even before TMZ started (come to think of it, they are the very reason somebody came up with TMZ in the first place!).

Celebrity gossip was always around, even before services such as YouTube and Vimeo. Now, with high-speed Internet and video sharing, gossip spreads faster than ever. It will continue spreading and viral videos as a whole will continue to change their form. We just wanted to mention that it is very interesting to observe those trends and look how they change over time. As a matter of fact, we here at Indigo Productions made a viral video of our own and offer viral video production to our clients as a marketing and video distribution service.

If you’d like to read about other examples of celebrity non-sex-tape viral videos, you can read the original article on USA Today: “Celebrities’ viral videos: It’s not just sex tapes now.”


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