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5 Common Mistakes in Web Video Production You Want to Avoid

Thanks to advances in web technologies, web videos have exploded in popularity. From multinational corporations to small mom-and-pop shops, businesses are using video production to connect with their customers more than ever before.

With increasing availability of high-speed Internet connections around the world, websites can afford to eat a lot more bandwidth than before. In the early days of World Wide Web, when a typical dial-up connection afforded us only a couple of kilobytes of download speed, webmasters had to keep their websites fat-free.

Keeping page size small, compressing images to save bandwidth, were the main considerations businesses made when developing their corporate websites. Nowadays, with high-speed internet connection being commonplace, with development of new technologies that allow us to stream videos on-the-fly, firms can develop much bigger websites and provide more content in a variety of formats.

As with any new technology, there are good and bad ways of implementing web videos into a company’s Internet marketing strategy. Here are 5 mistakes in web video production commonly found on business websites today:

Availability of 4 Mbps-Capable Broadband Networks in the United States by County

Availability of 4 Mbps-Capable Broadband Networks in the United States by County

1. Poor Quality of Video Compression.

According to FCC, 96% of all business locations have access to DSL service, and 92% have access to cable broadband service. The image to the right (Source: shows the percentage of households by County with access to broadband Internet connection – the darker shades of blue indicate areas with over 90% availability.

And yet, even with widespread availability of bandwidth, some webmasters still worry about website download speeds and cut down in areas where they shouldn’t. Simply put, an overly compressed video looks terrible. If a business decides to utilize a video for their website, they need to ensure that the quality of the video at least meets the industry minimum standards, otherwise it will do more damage to the company’s image than good.

2. Poor Quality Video Production.

Hey, if making great videos was easy, everyone would do it.  Video production requires creativity and a professional approach during the entire video project’s development life cycle. Cutting corners during pre-production, video shoot, or post-production will result in a boring and substandard video.

The web is full of attention-grabbing, creative, professionally produced videos (Check out our video production portfolio to see some examples) An average web surfer will see several such videos a day.  When people encounter a video that has been done by amateurs, they know it right away.

After the global financial crisis, Americans started watching their wallets and became much more conservative with their expense accounts. While it might be very tempting to shoot your own commercial video, nothing can substitute for creativity, experience, and professional video equipment. To learn more about the intricacies and different stages of video production, visit our video production services page.

3. Old, Flash-Based Video Players.

When a web video has been produced and its ready to be embedded into a website, the webmaster needs to make a decision that will make or break the success of the entire project: Selecting the right video player. Simply uploading a video file to a server and hyper-linking it from the website is not enough. Aside from being unprofessional, such an approach leans entirely on the software installed on the client’s computer and in most cases will require too much effort for your average visitor to even bother.


Before the rise of YouTube and other video-sharing services, webmasters had to depend on self-made flash-based video players to embed videos into their website. Unfortunately, many webmasters are stuck in their ways and still use old video players to showcase their visitors to the world. This creates multiple problems, including flash support (think iPad / iPhone) and cross-browser compatibility. Selecting the wrong video player will mean that a large portion of your visitors will not be able to view your videos.

4. Using Free File Sharing Website.

The simplest solution to the video player problem is to upload a video to YouTube and use the native YouTube player to embed a video into the website. While this solution is great for blogs, viral videos, and social media videos, it is inappropriate for commercial websites that are going for a high-end look. The YouTube player is easily recognizable and feels low-end. Moreover, videos from YouTube will always link back to the file-sharing website  thus stealing visitors from the business website and directing (read distracting) visitors back to the file-sharing site.

A good alternative is Vimeo. Vimeo offers a free video player that works in a similar manner to the one offered by YouTube but is not as heavily branded. Also, a paid service – Vimeo Pro – offers a lot of customization options that allow us to fully remove the Vimeo branding and even insert your own!

5. Auto-Starting the Video

The devil lies in the details. And the auto-play option is a detail that can ruin your visitor’s experience. To sum it up: Your website’s visitors want control over their computers.  When they visit your site, they want to choose whether to see your video or not.

If they are searching the Internet at work and stumble on your website with their speakers turned on, the auto-play option is likely to cause them to hit the back button right away. We’ve seen many webmasters embed videos with auto-play on their homepage only to see their bounce rates (the ratio of visitors that came to the website and left right away) more than double overnight!

We hope you found this article helpful. If you’re interested in video production and would like to learn more about what Indigo Productions offers, please feel free to visit our main website:


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