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News: Vevo Moves Past YouTube, Eyes Cable TV

Vevo, a music video service known to any self-respecting YouTube user, is eyeing cable TV as possible next step in its quest to becoming the Internet’s most recognizable service of its kind. In order to secure this deal, Vevo decided to start webcasting TV-style channels – pre-programmed, linear videos, thus diminishing its reliance on YouTube.

As part of the CEO, Rio Caraeff’s plan for achieving this goal, Vevo has started a new service – Vevo TV a non-stop music channel that viewers can watch on the company’s website or on their smartphones, Roku, or Xbox consoles. This could be followed by a deal with a major cable provider – possibly as soon as this year! A deal with a satellite TV provider could be an option too.

YouTube is a great video service that provides great content ranging from home videos to top hits provided by channels such as Vevo. Creation of Vevo TV will give us the same great content without the need to return to the keyboard and mouse every 2-3 minutes to select a new video to watch. This might be single reason for its future success, just like in the case of MTV during the last Millenium when the Music Television still played music. On the other hand, this might also be the reason for its downfall – after all YouTube allows us to select the exact video we feel like watching at the moment. Taking the pre-programmed approach takes this choice, at least to some extent, away from the viewer.

So, the next big thing or utter failure? Time will show. What do you think?

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