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In the News: YouTube Launches a Video Production Studio in Tokyo

Current YouTube Logo

Current YouTube Logo

From its very beginning Google was all about content. Original and interesting content is the basis of Google’s business model — and the reason for the company’s record-breaking success. The whole mystery of Google’s success is based on the simple idea of connecting users with the content they are searching for. In that light, it came as no surprise when in November of 2006 Google acquired the biggest source of video content on the Internet – YouTube.

Since the acquisition of Google Video’s most prolific competitor, the team at Google worked at allowing users around the Globe to create and share quality content. One of the more important additions to YouTube under Google’s patronage was increasing the maximum quality of the videos — first to 480 x 360 pixels in March 2008, and shortly thereafter in November of same year, the high-definition option was added allowing users to post videos in 720p HD format.  later upgrades included a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio and 1080p HD support.

Google’s commitment to providing quality video content through YouTube didn’t end with upgrading tech specs. The next investment came with the best source of creativity on Earth – the collective minds of people from all over the world! As part of that initiative, Google opened multiple state-of-the-art video production studios in United States and Europe, which allowed young (and not so young), talented people access to technology that allows them to create high quality content for sharing through YouTube.

According to Tom Pickett, Google’s VP of content operations, Google “built the YouTube Space Tokyo as a way to support the incredible wave of Japanese creativity we have seen develop among our YouTube Partners over the last few years. The Space is an investment in these creators to support their quest to make even better videos and build even bigger global audiences.”

Now, this initiative has been expanded to Asia with YouTube Space Tokyo, located in the Roppongi Hills building complex, which coincidentally houses the headquarters of Apple Japan.

At this new location, YouTube partner network members will have access to state-of-the-art video production tools, including  screening rooms, recording space, and editing equipment. The center also offers upcoming video artists with professional training to hone their newly acquired skills.

While not a completely selfless gesture – Google makes advertising dollars from videos created by their partner network – the move is very much appreciated by the video production community. Initiatives like this help the youngsters gain new skills and break into the industry to join the ranks of video production professionals.

Kudos to Google and YouTube teams from the team here at Indigo Productions!

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