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Happy Easter and How To Leverage Holiday Event Video Production

Easter Basket - Photo By Jan Kameníček

Easter Basket – Photo By Jan Kameníček

Hello Everyone! First of all, we’d like to wish you all a very happy Holiday Weekend! May your Passover and Easter celebrations be spent with friends and family and filled with love and joy!

Now, we have a marketing idea for those of you who will be attending corporate holiday parties or simply going out to lunch with your coworkers. Consider shooting a video of your event and post it to your business blog or website. This might seem like a cheesy idea at first but there’s real value hiding behind it! Let us explain how to take advantage of it.

How To Leverage Holiday Event Video Production

There are multiple advantages to shooting your own video of your company-sponsored Passover and/or Easter event. Some of the more obvious include Public Relations (PR), Marketing, Branding, Morale, and last but not least – the pure joy of it!

Public Relations Video Production

Lets first look at PR. A video showing your company celebrating Holidays together can put your business in a very good light. It allows your clients to sneak a peak at your corporate culture. A video showing you and your colleagues having fun together reinforces the idea that you are not just co-workers – you are a team. A team that works well together and enjoys it. It also puts the entire company in good light – after all a company that sponsors events for their employees must care for their associates, so will probably care for their clients too. A potential client will have a better preconception of your organization and a prospective employee might want to apply for a job with you, because of the workplace environment. At the same time a potential investors will be inclined to buy stocks of a company when they know the its employees like to come to work each day. Posting the video on, say LinkedIn, may spread virally and increase your online exposure.

Marketing Video Production

Your holiday corporate video needs to show a group of professionals that like working for their company and with one another. Happy employee is a good employee, and a good employee provides its clients with good products and services. Your Easter video can become into a guerrilla commercial – your subliminal message may be: “looking for XYZ? Come join us to have fun AND get XYZ!” If the video ranks on Google then it will drive traffic to your website – that means leads and sales! Free views on YouTube, likes on Facebook, re-tweets on Twitter and other actions mean big savings. We all know that clicks from Google AdWords, sponsored likes on Facebook, etc. do not come cheap! If your video is good enough, you will get all of that for free – it will REALLY look good on your next manager’s or stockholder meeting! Learn more by visiting our marketing video production page!

Table Prepared for Passover Celebrations - Photo by Datafox

Table Prepared for Passover Celebrations – Photo by Datafox

Branding Video Production

Now, lets look at branding by first re-visiting the long-forgotten Marketing 101 class that we all had to take to graduate. Brand management is any activity connecting to analyzing, positioning, and targeting our brand in the market, as well as maintaining of the desired reputation of our brand. So, how can a party video help with that. Well, once again – a video from a corporate even, especially relaxed one, such as a Passover celebration, shows the people behind the company. it shows how they dress, how they spend their free time, and interact with one another. Such a Candid Camera video shows the true corporate culture, because it shows the individuals that make up this culture. The best way of getting to know a person is seeing how he or she behaves when they let loose. If the party is in good spirit, it may be the best way to show not only the brand but the people that represent it.

Such a video not only allows us to maintain the brand image. It can also help us spread it to the targeted portion of the market. Posting a link to the video on a particular group on LinkedIn, niche message board or interest page on Facebook lets us choose the right type of people that we want to see our footage. If the target market is more broad, say females aged 18-21, as opposed to website design professionals for instance, then we can target them through sponsored ads. perfect examples could be a targeted YouTube sponsored video or a sponsored update on people’s Facebook News Feed. With the amount of advertising platforms, sky truly is the limit. and if you don’t have any budget for distribution then remember that posting something on Facebook, uploading to YouTube, or sharing on Google Plus is absolutely free! Check out our brand videos page while you’re at ti!

Morale and Teamwork Boosting Video Production

A Holiday event, such as Easter or Christmas party, boosts morale and promotes teamwork all by itself. Shooting and distributing such a video can be morale/team spirit booster too! Instead of working, the attendees can relax and play – the video shoot can be turned into a game or an off-the clock activity. The finished product, aside for being a marketing tool, provides a reminder to all in attendance that their company is not only about work – it’s about people that interact with one another on daily basis and have a set of common common goals and values. This is especially important if the organization in question is a large corporation or an international conglomerate. The larger the company, the greater the risk of being impersonal and making the employees feel disenfranchised. A Holiday party with just-for-fun video shoot can help employees feel like a part of something greater and can help put a human face on an otherwise cold and distant corporation. If you’d like to learn more about how to make fun videos and to have fun while doing it, check out our website – –  we are after all also an entertainment video production company!

Outdoor Corporate holiday Party - Photo By MikeScott4

Outdoor Corporate holiday Party – Photo By MikeScott4

Fun Video Production

Last but not least, shooting the video can be fun. Stand up comedy, sketches, or simple goofing of in front of a camera can turn to be much fun! Instead of America’s Funniest Home Video, we can have America’s Funniest Corporate Video!

Moreover, if the video shows something interesting, funny, and entertaining, then we have a very real chance of creating a video that goes viral. If employees had fun during the party, they will share the video with their friends and family, who may then forward it on to their connections – that’s the core of viral video marketing!

How to Make a Good Corporate Event Video?

So, what do we need to do to get a great Holiday party video? Well, there are many options:

1) Hire a professional video production company, such as Indigo Productions and let them do all the work!

2) Bring a camera and just roll with it – all pun definitely intended! There are many video production blogs and how-to websites out there that can give you some pointers. A good camera, tripod, and some editing software is all you need to get started!

3) Hire a freelancer – if you have a little money leftover from the petty cash account used to throw the party, you may want to consider bringing a freelancer to help planning, shooting, or editing the video.

4) Do-it-yourself with professional help. If you’re confident in your steady hand and a good eye for creating a video, you may want to consider shooting the video yourself and then send the raw footage to a video company to edit, remix, and put together a professional video for you! If you’d like to learn more about video editing and available editing services, please visit our video editing page!

Post-Production: How to Distribute a Corporate Holiday Party Video?

So, now your video is ready (if you’re still having troubles, you may want to consider hiring a post-production company) and you need to make sure that somebody actually watches it. We want the video to be easy to both find and share. First thing you should do is upload it to YouTube and maybe some other video sharing services, such as Vimeo. Next, you need to embed the video on a page somewhere on your website – the blog could be a perfect spot for it. When the video is posted, a good extra step is to add some share options. A ShareThis button with quick-share links for all major social media websites plus an “email to friend” link will do the trick.

Now, lets tell people about it! First, send it through the company email system to your employees – they will be the ones most interested in watching it, thus most likely to share it with others. If your firm is large enough and the video good enough, this step can be all ti takes before the video spreads organically through the web but lets not count on it and do some more grassroot work. Post it to the company’s message board and some industry forums. Share it on the company’s social media accounts. Email it to your friends. Still not enough? As mentioned before, you can always pay a professional to distribute it for you – in case of viral marketing, this process is referred to as “seeding” of the video – or take the quick and easy rout and pay for some display ads.

For those of you in India, Holi – the Festival of Colors – has just passed – we’re sure ti was a great opportunity for some videos! If you’ve done some, please send us an email to say hello and share your production!

There, you’re done and your video has already been seen by millions. Hear those steps? It’s the CEO coming to your office to shake your hand and offer you a cigar for a job well done! Hope you found this article useful or at least interesting and once again – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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