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What sets Indigo apart from other NYC video production companies?  Our 20-year track record of creativity and client satisfaction.  We’re a full service agency, handling all video production services and video post-production needs.  We specialize in a wide array of cutting-edge technology for video editing, motion graphics, animation, music scoring, DVD authoring and menu design, as well as DVD duplication.

The importance of great video editing

No matter how beautiful your shots, or how wonderful the interviews or script, it’s the video editing and post-production that truly shapes the story. After all, it’s not how many bells and whistles your post-production suite offers, not how many toys you can play with, but how these tools serve your needs.

There is no one formula for video editing that works on all projects. Editing can set a unique tone for a marketing video, or establish the right mood for a sales or training video.  A branding video might require a layered texture of visual effects; whereas a documentary, rich with emotionally-charged interviews, may need just the lightest touch of simple cuts with the fewest possible special effects.

Once we envision a concept – and long before we write the script – our highly experienced, award-winning post-production team (video editors, graphic artists, animators and sound editors) becomes an integral part of the video production process. They help create the right aesthetic for the project and determine what’s technically possible, given time and budget constraints.  In fact, they often manage to do the impossible – DEFYING all time and budget constraints!

Case Study: RICOH’s “Digital Duplicator Deathmatch”

Indigo Productions has been fortunate to work frequently with Ricoh, a client that encourages creativity and unusual approaches to marketing and branding videos, including a series of television parodies we have devised for various Ricoh product launches. For a recent sales video comparing the Ricoh digital duplicator with two competitors, we created an in-your-face, over-the-top, mixed martial arts smack-down, in which the losing machines get completely destroyed.

We used advanced visual technology for the dramatic destruction special effects, as well as the marquee and the other post-production animations. On the set we photographed and videotaped the locations – with and without actors, vehicles and props – so that we wouldn’t have to “paint out” anything extraneous from the shoot, which would slow down postproduction, increase costs and delay delivery.

We took additional video shots for post-production purposes using a mirrored ball for a 360-degree view to track the moving video footage while also recording the color temperature and direction of the light.  We then imported this footage into PFTrack software, creating a virtual camera of the actual location so that we could render realistic special effects that would seamlessly match the location video footage.

Indigo’s post-production team then used Lightwave software to create the computer-generated Crunch-O-Matic “iron teeth of death” and the animated “Digital Duplicator Deathmatch” marquee. All the computer-generated elements were then composited in After Effects to match the live action shoot being edited in one of our Final Cut Studio suites.

Post Production Video Editing

The result was electrifying – the hit of the national sales meeting where it premiered.  In the words of Ricoh’s national marketing manager, “From the first time we hired Indigo Productions we knew we were entering into a relationship with a top-notch vendor.  Thousands of copies of Indigo’s projects have been distributed both nationally and internationally and they have been universally praised as the most creative, entertaining, technically brilliant and successful videos we have ever used.”

Case Study: Everlast Branding Video
Everlast, the biggest name in boxing, chose Indigo Productions to create a worldwide re-branding campaign.

They came to us with a treasure trove of source material: Crates containing decades worth of Everlast photos, magazine spreads, film footage, CDs and videotapes in every imaginable format.  Our first step was logging, scanning and digitizing this vast quantity of material, and converting everything to a digital format for the Final Cut Pro non-linear edit – a process that took nearly two weeks.

Out of this eclectic mix of visual elements and products, we faced the challenge of finding the all-important story. The assignment was to show the world that Everlast is now more than just their successful tradition of boxing gloves, punching bags, and fight trunks… that they also offer a full line of men’s and women’s apparel, fitness gear, cologne, nutrition products and lifestyle accessories.

After we reviewed all the material, we came up with a concept and a structure that introduces the Everlast brand as it has been known and revered, and then tells its new story and new mission, as it ties in with its formidable legacy.

Everlast Promo from Indigo Productions on Vimeo.

Because this video was for an international audience, including many people that did not speak English, we knew that the soundtrack would be nearly as important as the picture. We chose three hip, fresh, upbeat pieces of music to break the story into a three-act structure, and then we cut picture to the rhythms and style of each music selection.

To create our richly-layered animations and other advanced visual effects, we used a full array of software tools.  For example, we enhanced and formatted the client’s photographs in Photoshop and then used After Effects for motion graphics, giving those still photos a sense of great space and depth. We also isolated elements within the photos to render a three-dimensional world, and created animated titles in an entertaining and energetic manner.

Once we finished editing the video, we created a final sound mix to rival any feature film. We added hundreds of sound effects (punches, slaps, swooshes, swings, audience cheers, film projector clicks, etc.) acoustically fusing classic boxing movie moments with Everlast branding images to create a pulse-pounding montage.

And the results?  In the words of Everlast’s President and CEO, “We are extremely proud of this video and look forward to using it extensively in our new marketing campaign. It’s a pitch-perfect marketing tool that is as dramatic and entertaining as any good boxing match!  It was a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to teaming up with Indigo in the future.”

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Whatever your video production or video editing needs, Indigo offers world-class video services and a staff that truly cares about doing the best job possible. Whether you are producing a video product launch, a video webcast, a documentary, a music video, a corporate video, a web commercial, or anything else that requires top-flight video production or video editing skills, Indigo Productions is your one-stop resource.  We look forward to working with you!

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