Motion Retouching

Think of motion retouching as Photoshop for your video. Each frame is carefully altered, resulting in the perfect video illusion.
Our staff comes from varied backgrounds including fine art, still photography, motion graphics and animation. With their high level of experience, there is nothing our motion retouchers cannot improve.

With American media consumption increasing exponentially, visual images are gaining even more importance and visibility.

In addition to our full range of video production services, we also offer a full range of motion retouching services. Some benefits include:

  • erasing wrinkles, frown lines and unwanted blemishes
  • removing unwanted on-screen distractions
  • overall video brightening
  • special effects enhancing

Do you want to look your best on-screen? Do you want to improve your video project’s visual aesthetic? Let Indigo Productions handle all your motion retouching needs!
Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.

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