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We created a hip product launch video for  How was it received?  Let our client tell you:

“INCREDIBLE WORK!!!!! Indigo’s marketing video for our new app was shown to execs from Apple, Google, Amazon, and other top companies at an invitation-only health care conference at the White House. The entire audience applauded after the screening, and many people told us it was the highlight of the day! The video has already exploded on YouTube because of its viral and shareable nature. It is simply the best marketing tool – with the highest return on investment – that I have ever seen.

Indigo was incredibly smart about this project from beginning to end, and they made the process super easy for us. They took a minimal amount of direction and brought our vision to life in a way that is much better than we ever imagined. They were able make a complex product instantly graspable. Everyone who sees the video loves it; They immediately get big smiles on their faces, and their eyes light up with that magic “AHA” moment, which is priceless. Since we launched the spot, everyone has been asking us “who made your commercial?” The answer is: Indigo Productions made our commercial! And we are already planning the next one, aimed at a different demographic. Thank you, Indigo Productions!”

Ron G.
Chief Technology Officer
Health Endeavors

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