video billboards

A video billboard isn’t just an advertisement. It’s a destination.

Indigo Productions is ready to develop and execute a creative video billboard campaign that embraces your specific needs and delivers dazzling results in this exciting and compelling medium.

Indigo can also help you display socially significant “live” information—news, weather reports, social advertising, etc.—to a broad audience. Adding this between advertisements helps capture attention while gaining trust. As a campaign evolves, changes can be integrated easily, transforming the message or highlighting it to the potential customer.

Impossible to ignore, video billboards are a vivid, colorful, and creative way to deliver your message. With the potential to capture an audience of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people every day, video billboards are an untapped delivery system for smart, clever, and memorable advertising.

Many agencies have billboard experience that is limited to print and their executions are handicapped as a result. By contrast, our full-service video production background brings over 20 years of storytelling and technological experience to you.

If you are looking to embrace this new advertising technology, are curious how to apply it to your business, or want to integrate it with your other advertising media campaigns, then Indigo Productions is the only company you need. Let us make your experience an easy one.

Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.

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