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Ricoh Case Study


Create a highly entertaining corporate marketing video for Ricoh’s 6,000 person sales force, illustrating how Ricoh’s top-of-the-line multifunction printer beat its top two competitors in an independent research testing lab.


We knew up front that the clients had a great sense of humor. They specifically wanted a video that would entertain as well as motivate their entire team at their national sales meeting.

So we studied the stats, interviewed Ricoh engineers and top salesmen, and then got to work developing a creative approach.

Two weeks later we were shooting a full-blown parody of the TV series Monster Garage, featuring Ricoh copiers literally banging heads with their competitors.


Sales teams loved the video, which quickly became an essential selling tool.

Ricoh, recognizing this success, commissioned us to make an entire series of videos promoting other products. To date, we’ve made more than 25 videos for them.

In the words of the client:

“Both Monster Mayhem and @Remote at the Museum were huge hits at our recent sales meetings. Thousands of copies of Indigo’s projects have been distributed both nationally and internationally, and they have been universally praised as the most creative, entertaining, technically brilliant, and successful videos that we have ever used.”


The client originally intended to use the video only internally, but their sales force liked the video so much that they took the initiative to show the video to clients in showrooms and on the road.

What really surprised us: Ricoh sales reps from all over the world, as far away as Africa and Asia, contacted us directly after having seen the video online to get copies to give their clients.

As further confirmation of our success, Ricoh quickly commissioned us to create versions of the same video for their partner brands, Savin and Lanier. We brought back the actors for voice-over revisions, created new motion graphics to insert new product shots, re-edited the video, remixed the audio, and delivered the shows to our clients.

Production notes:

We shot the video in a two-story, pristine garage with souped-up classic show cars. There was enough floor space to accommodate three of these big mama copiers side-by-side, plus our world-renowned New York City video production team of 20, including three cameramen.

We used three video cameras to keep up a fast pace of production to limit the number of time-consuming takes, to ensure that we had plenty of coverage for rapid video editing, and to keep the zany screwball camaraderie of the actors fresh.

We cast one gonzo, irreverent, tattooed, shaved-head, motorcycle dude, Andrew Totolos, as the lead copier industry research tester. You know: typecasting. To kick off the video, he snarled, “Once we get these mean machines into the real world, you can kiss those factory ratings goodbye!” Andrew showed the finished video as his calling card and parlayed his performance into the lead of an actual reality TV show called Tricked Out. Keong Sim and Michelle Santipietro, experienced television actors themselves, rounded out the ensemble cast and contributed some memorable improv lines that we loved so much we put them into the script.

To heighten the video production values, we added special effects on set, including smoke pouring out of a copier—a competitor’s, of course, that just couldn’t keep pace with the Ricoh copier speed.

In the post-production phase, our masterful video editor performed his Final Cut Pro non-linear montage magic, adding state-of-the-art motion graphics and After Effects animation to help viewers keep track of the tests and results information. And he made it all sizzle and sing seamlessly. We had lots of fun making it and the clients sure liked it. Heck, Ricoh hired us to create an ongoing series of sales videos for subsequent copier models, as well as a series of corporate videos.


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