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Our Philosophy

By Max Rosen, CEO, Indigo Productions

Trends and technologies change daily, and we keep up with them. But our business philosophy NEVER changes. It’s part of our DNA. If this speaks to you, let us know.

We over-deliver on every job.  If the client orders 10, we deliver 12.

We work on projects that we’re passionate about, and we bring our passion to every project we work on.

We provide SOLUTIONS, not just services.

We focus on creating long-term relationships.

We use every single interaction with a client as an opportunity to make them say “WOW.”

We enjoy our work and make sure our clients enjoy working with us.  We know that the process is just as important as the finished product.

We contribute to the personal and professional success of every client that hires us.  We make them look like rock stars within their organizations.

We contribute to the personal and professional success of every Indigo Team Member.

We collaborate, brainstorm, share ideas, and keep each other inspired.

We nurture flexibility and creativity because we know it results in our greatest work.

We embrace new technologies and new ways of thinking in order to continuously improve both our work and our workflow.


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