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Press releases submitted by Indigo Productions:

Indigo Productions, an NYC Video Production Company, Sponsors a National Public Service Announcement Scholarship
May 6, 2010

NEW YORK, NY—Indigo Productions, a leading video production company in New York City, just announced that it is offering a new scholarship for current students and recent graduates of accredited colleges and universities in the continental US. Students are asked to create a short PSA (public service announcement) video, up to two minutes long, about any important health or safety issue. Two scholarships, $1000 and $500, will be awarded to winners of this videography challenge.

All videos will be judged by a panel of professionals selected by Indigo based on five criteria: concept, creativity, execution, artistic merit and viral potential. The winning student or group will be announced on October 15, 2010.

“We are looking for edgy and original approaches that capture people’s imagination,” says Max Rosen, president and founder of Indigo Productions.

To apply for the scholarship, students should upload their videos to the video-sharing website YouTube and apply by September 15, 2010, at

In line with its commitment to education, Indigo Productions also teaches a viral video seminar at New York University. This four-Sunday, the intensive course introduces students to the fundamentals of producing viral videos, with an emphasis on how to use them to jump-start their careers in the competitive field of video production for the Internet. It gives them hands-on experience working not only on student projects but also on a professional project with a team of Indigo’s top creative talent. In the last seminar, students helped Indigo produce the international viral video hit “JK Divorce Entrance Dance,” which is approaching seven million views on YouTube. To learn more or apply, students can visit:

About the company: Indigo Productions is one of the leading video production companies in New York City. For 20 years Indigo has specialized in video production, corporate video production, video editing, post-production, and legal video production.

Indigo Productions, an NYC Corporate Video Production Company, Creates a Viral Video Seen by Over 10 Million People Worldwide
September 21, 2009

NEW YORK, NY—A video titled “JK Divorce Entrance Dance,” which spoofs the popular “JK Wedding Entrance Dance” video, was created by Indigo Productions, an NYC Corporate Video Production Company.

Indigo made the video as a result of a friendly bet with a corporate client who wanted proof that Indigo could create a viral video that would get millions of views.

The Indigo team decided to parody the JK Wedding video, a “user-generated” viral video sensation which featured a real wedding party dancing down a church aisle, busting their moves to the tune of Chris Brown’s pop song “Forever.”

Max Rosen, the president of the company, and the Indigo team pulled the entire project together in just 48 hours. They worked with a choreographer from the Conan O’Brien show, a group of top Broadway dancers and acrobats, students from Indigo’s viral video workshop and Internet marketing consultants from Cherryone, a Chicago web design company. They filmed the video in the Supreme Court in NYC in under an hour, and later that same night the video was ready to go live on YouTube.

“JK Divorce Entrance Dance” received tens of thousands of YouTube views the very first day and was quickly re-posted on websites around the globe. Within the first week, the view count crossed one million, and it quickly became the #1 viewed video in Asia. To date, the video has received over two million views on YouTube, two million on Yahoo, and millions more on CollegeHumor, Break and AOL. With additional millions from major websites in Canada, Britain, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Japan, China and India, Indigo’s “JK Divorce Dance” is well over 10 million views and counting.

The spoof also received an enormous amount of media coverage including primetime TV stories on CNN, NBC and MSNBC, as well as articles on Yahoo and AOL, and in the Chicago Tribune and Forbes.

You can learn more by reading Indigo’s article JK Divorce Entrance Dance: The Making of a Viral Hit and watching exclusive behind-the-scenes footage on YouTube. More videos available at Indigo’s YouTube channel.

Indigo Productions is a New York City video production company specializing in corporate video production and viral video production.

Indigo Productions, an NYC Video Production Company, Offers Viral Video Seminar at NYU
June 18, 2009

NEW YORK, NY—Indigo Productions, a leading New York City video production company, and James Murray, a television producer and Director of Development for NorthSouth Productions, are hosting a three-day viral video seminar at New York University. The seminar is an intensive study of why certain videos spread like wildfire over the Internet and a hands-on workshop on how to produce them. It will take place over the course of three Sundays: July 12, July 19 and July 26.

The seminar is geared towards aspiring filmmakers, actors, writers, comedians, marketing executives and television producers seeking to jump-start their careers and reach millions of viewers through the power of the Web.

Television producer and development executive James Murray will share trade secrets he has used to create, license and sell numerous viral videos.

During the seminar, students will learn how to create viral videos, analyze the current market, and work in teams to write, shoot, edit and distribute their own videos. Students will also track their success in an online contest in which the winning team will be hired to work on one or more paid assignments for Indigo Productions, a top NYC video production company.

Indigo’s marketing videos, commercials, documentaries, websites, and short films have been seen by millions worldwide over the past 17 years. Clients include L’Oreal, Everlast, Canon, IBM, Scholastic, and the Smithsonian Institution. A winner of top industry awards, Indigo is the one-stop creative resource for a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies, ad agencies, nonprofits, and other organizations. To learn more about Indigo and video production in NYC, please visit

James Murray is a television producer and Director of Development for NorthSouth Productions where he develops reality TV programs. He has produced television shows for ABC, Spike TV, A&E, and Buena Vista. In addition, James has taught improv comedy in NYC for seven years. His sold-out eight-week Viral Video production class at the People’s Improv Theatre regularly creates and sells viral videos for a profit.

You can sign up for the seminar by visiting

NYC Video Production Company Editor Wins PBS Short Film Competition
April 27, 2009

NEW YORK, NY—Michael Krivicka of Indigo Productions, a prominent NYC video production company, has won the prestigious “Reel 13” PBS competition with his short film “New York Talk.”

“New York Talk,” which was broadcast by PBS on April 4, is a brilliant and kinetic slice of the city featuring an uncommon look at the New York lifestyle. The film perfectly captures the energy of Manhattan with a fast-paced mosaic of images and people—narrated by a street smart, bitingly satirical, and distinctly New York guide.

“New York Talk” has been touring film festivals worldwide. It has been officially selected by the Berlin International Short Film Festival, the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, the Tribeca Underground Film Festival, the Miami Short Film Festival, Exground FilmFest, the Festival International du Court Metrage, the Long Island International Short Film Expo, the Cabbagetown Short Film Festival, the Zeitgeist Short Film Festival, the Hardacre Film Festival, the Billyburg Short Film Festival, the Fort Myers Beach Film Festival, and the Coney Island Film Festival.

Krivicka was born and raised in Slovakia and spent his high school years in Germany. In 1996, he moved to the US to start his college education and four years later graduated summa cum laude from the NJCU film program. By then he already had his first of many film festival wins in his pocket.

In 2006 Krivicka joined Indigo Productions, a full-service video and multimedia production company based in New York City. Krivicka’s European background and multiple language skills turned out to be a big advantage for Indigo since many of their corporate video projects are used worldwide.

Indigo’s client base includes a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies, large and small businesses, ad agencies, nonprofits, arts groups, and other organizations. Over the past 17 years, Indigo has earned an international reputation by winning top industry awards and providing clients with a one-stop shopping solution for all their video production and video editing needs. In addition to its videography and corporate video services, Indigo also offers a full range of legal video production services.

Many other examples of Indigo’s work and Michael’s video editing can be seen at

About Indigo Productions:
Indigo Productions is a New York video production company with a client base that includes a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies, large and small businesses, ad agencies, nonprofits, arts groups, and other organizations. Over the past two decades, Indigo has earned an international reputation by winning top industry awards and providing clients with a one-stop shopping solution for all their video production and video editing needs. In addition to its videography and corporate video services, Indigo also offers a full range of legal video production services.


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